About is primarily a collaboration organized by the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, in conjunction with the Denver Art Museum and the Seattle Art Museum. Alan Davison has added some summaries, particularly of artists biography from selected bibliography & resources such as:

Bade, Patrick. Degas: The Masterworks. New York: Portland House, 1991. The author outlines Degas' life, influences, and works and contains many color reproductions with commentary.

Denvir, Bernard. The Impressionists at First Hand [World of Art series]. New York: Thames and Hudson, 1987. This paperback book has first hand accounts by Impressionist artists and writers about their lives.

de la Faille, J.B. The Works of Vincent van Gogh: His Paintings and Drawings. Amsterdam: Reynal and Co./Wm. Morrow, 1970. Described as the "definitive" catalog of van Gogh's work, and the only book that contains reproductions of all of his known paintings and drawings.

Lloyd, Christopher. Pissarro. New York: Phaidon, 1979. Forty-eight full-color plates with commentary and analysis.

Moffet, Charles S., Benson, Ruth and Wiseman, Fronia E. The New Painting: Impressionism 1874-1886. Seattle: R. Barton distributors for the United States and Canada, The University of Washington Press, ©1986, 1989. This catalogue provides an overview of the paintings in the Impressionistexhibition.

Nunhead, Nancy. Claude Monet. London: Park Lane, 1994. Nunhead briefly introduces Monet's life and the development of his work with over ninety large, full-color plates.

Rewald, John. The History of Impressionism. New York Graphic Society Boston/The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Fourth revised edition, 1973. The 672-page book has 623 illustrations, and is a comprehensive reference.

Romano, Eileen. The Impressionists Their Lives, Their World, and Their Paintings. New York: Penguin Studio, 1997. This book is a concise introduction to Impressionism including the historical context.

Stuckey, Charles. Berthe Morisot, Impressionist. New York: Hudson Hills Press, 1987. It has biographical information and many full-color reproductions.

White, Barbara Ehrlich. Renoir, His Life, Art and Letters. Harry N. Abrams, Inc. Publishers, New York. 1984. The book has detailed information; 391 illustrations.

White, Barbara Ehrlich. Impressionists Side by Side: Their Friendships, Rivalries and Artistic Exchanges. New York: Knopf, 1996. White focuses on seven pairs of artists: Degas and Manet, Monet and Renoir, CŽzanne and Pissarro, Manet and Morisot, Cassatt and Degas, Morisot and Renoir, Cassatt and Morisot. She compares their treatment of identical subjects using reproductions, and text.

Varnedoe, Kirk. Gustave Caillebotte. New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1987. The book has biographical data, his working methods, characteristic themes, color reproductions, and a selection of critical responses.

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