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Federico Zandomeneghi

Federico Zandomeneghi (1841-1917) is the best-known Italian Impressionist. Born in Venice, he spent the years 1862-66 in Florence, working with the artists known as I Macchiaoli. He traveled to Paris in 1874 intending to stay for a few weeks. Instead, he never left. He became friends with Degas, Manet, and Renoir, and exhibited with the Impressionists four times between 1879 and 1886. His most common themes were the daily life of women-he showed them at home or watching children in the park. The dealer Durand-Ruel devoted the first one-man show at his gallery in Paris to Zandomeneghi's work in 1893.

Federico Zandomeneghi, Place d'Anvers, Paris, 1880

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Federico Zandomeneghi

(Italian, 1841 - 1917)

Place d'Anvers, Paris, 1880

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